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Game Sellers, Bookstores, and Other Retailers

Retailers: Want to Carry SociallyConnecting™ games?

If you said, “YES,” then Thank You, and please continue reading.

    SociallyConnecting™ Retailer Program, aka, “Retailer Program”

  • When your application has been approved, you will receive an individualized discount code for 50% off your initial order of at least $250.00 list price
  • Subsequent orders, plus if your initial order is under $250.00 list price, will receive a 40% discount
  • Standard shipping charges will apply
    The “Retailer Program” is subject to the following non-exclusive conditions:

  • “Product orders” are values based on list prices, i.e., pre-tax, pre-shipping, and pre-discount; all prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD)
  • SociallyConnecting™ creator Stuart Gustafson has the sole right to approve or disapprove any application for any reason whatsoever
  • Retailers found to be in violation of any rules, laws, regulations, moral and/or financial codes may have their SociallyConnecting™ games retailer status revoked at any time with or without notice
  • Purchase requirements for discount privileges may be adjusted at any time with or without notice
  • There is no guarantee that the SociallyConnecting™ games retailer program will continue operations for any given period of time, meaning that the entire program may be withdrawn at any time with or without notice — it is, however, our intention to keep the program running as our success IS directly tied to your success!

Please complete and SUBMIT the following form to be considered for the “Retailer Program”

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